Singer Sage Chemutai celebrates her daughter’s birthday with a moving message

King kaka’s baby mama singer Sage Chemutai could not hide her joy when her daughter turned 3 years just recently. She joined the list of friends sending her baby girl, Ayanna beautiful messages as she celebrated her special day.

Through her Instagram page Sage poured out her heart to baby Ayanna describing her as the love of her life and the best thing that has ever happened to her. Sage went on to add that she calls her ‘Nathan’ something that has left me wondering what she meant. She shared the post below to celebrate the little girl.

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King Kaka on the other hand did not hold back as he shared a special message for his first born before revealing he bought her a cute bicycle as her first ride at the age of three. He wrote to say,

“I am The Happiest Man in The World Today. Just the other day you were born, crawled, started walking , Today as you turn 3 I want you to ride but Pray to God so that when you fly I will be the 1st witness, and I mean let nothing stop you. I love you and Happy Birthday to My 1st Born Daughter Ayanna.”

After writing a romantic love poem for his baby mama Nana on her birthday, King Kaka writes a heartfelt message to her daughter as she turns 3…ladies will be gushing over this one

Wasn’t it only yesterday when King Kaka achieved the prestigious fete of being the most romantic celebrity in Kenya?

He wrote his baby mama a poem which he shared online and went ahead with the serenade when he took her out for dinner later on when he showed up with a band to sing for her.

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He’s back on the spotlight and this is after he wrote a heartfelt message to his daughter as she turned 3. Ayanna, whose mother is Sage Kemutai is truly a lucky girl as daddy just bought her a bike and promised to be there when she learns how to ride it.

Now how sweet is that?

Check out what he posted on his instagram:



Just how Romantic is this man? After writing her a heartfelt love poem, King Kaka takes his baby mama to a hotel and does this…in front of everyone(VIDEO)

Its official, King Kaka is without a doubt the most romantic Kenyan celebrity of 2017.

He became the highlight of the day, last Friday 17th March 2017 when he wrote his baby mama Nana Owiti a heartfelt poem on her birthday.

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He expressed his love for her telling her how she’s beautiful and sweet and how he had found true love being with her. Of course the internet went crazy especially the ladies who were stimulated beyond words.

As it appears, that was just the first part of his well-orchestrated serenade. The guy definitely had a lot in store.

King Kaka took Nana Owiti for dinner later on in the evening and right in the middle of it, a band came out of nowhere and started playing love songs for her as King Kaka clapped proud of his achievements.

Nana on the other hand was left mesmerized and she couldn’t stop tears from rolling down her cheeks. Check out the romantic video here:


King Kaka proves Luo men are the most romantic in Kenya… See how he spoiled his baby mama on her birthday (Photos)

Kevin Ombima popularly known as King Kaka is a very romantic man and also has swagger that make him number one chicks’ magnet in the city.

The popular rapper has two baby mamas – singer Sage Chemutai and Nana Owiti. King Kaka has fathered two beautiful daughters with his baby mamas.

Sage Chemutai with her daughter Ayanna Ombima
Sage Chemutai with her daughter Ayanna Ombima


Nana Owiti with her daughter Gweth Ombima
Nana Owiti with her daughter Gweth Ombima

King Kaka is however in love with Nana Owiti, he spoilt her with romance yesterday March 15th as she turned a year older.

The ‘Ligi Soo’ hit maker shared an old photo of her baby mama and him and captioned in with a lengthy love poem.

“Wacha vile Drake Ujichocha ati ‘Started from The Bottom, Now we here’ , anafaa akam atuulize. Hiyo picha Ni a few years back , Mimi na Rib yangu anaitwa Nana Owiti. Na leo Ni birthday yake help me wish her but kutoka hapa it’s meant for Nana’s eyes only (unaweza soma pia Kama unajiskia),” King Kaka intro read.

Read the full poem below:

I found a love for me

Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was

I will not give you up this time

But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own

And in your eyes you’re holding mine

Gweth Ombima

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath

But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight


Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know

She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home

I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets

To carry love, to carry children of our own

We are still kids, but we’re so in love

Fighting against all odds

I know we’ll be alright this time

Darling, just hold my hand

Be my girl, I’ll be your man

I see my future in your eyes

King Kaka and his baby mama Nana Owiti
King Kaka and Nana Owiti

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful

I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight


Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

I have faith in what I see

Now I know I have met an angel in person

And she looks perfect, I don’t deserve this

You look perfect tonight



This is totally surprising thing some High School girl did when she spotted King Kaka in their school(VIDEO)

Some High School girl from Jericho Ofafa has shocked many and this is after she got totally hysterical after spotting King Kaka in their school.

King Kaka is known to receive a lot of love from the ladies mostly due to his looks but this one totally got overboard and everyone in their midst just stood there in utter disbelief.

King Kaka
King Kaka in a previous video shoot

She cried, shouted and cried some more as her god stood there in front of her. It was definitely a dream come true when King Kaka beckoned her to come closer and she was given a warm hug and that’s when she even got hysterical.

King Kaka alongside some members of Kaka Empire fraternity had visited the school to entertain and offer inspiration to the students.

Check out the video here:

We love her too and all of you. #Fanoftheweek #Fanlove This is why we love our jobs. @thekingkaka

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King Kaka reveals which of his two baby mamas he is planning to settle down with

It is no secret that rapper King Kaka has two baby mama. He was however very reluctant to talk about the issue at first since his baby mamas gave birth almost the same time (just a few months difference), but he is now actually proud of his babies and family.

In a recent interview with Pulse, King Kaka got to talk about his personal life, marriage plans and the type of relationship shares with his baby mamas.

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The rapper revealed that he is in good terms with his baby mamas and has always bounded with his babies without favoring one over the other. He went on to add that he often spends his free Sundays with his girls just to make sure they catch up well.

When asked which of the two baby mamas he was planing to settle down with, as expected he did not have an answer but he revealed that he will soon announce when he is ready.

“My mother is better than Obama, Mandela and Maathai” King Kaka shows off his mom as he brags about how she is the ultimate hustler

King Kaka’s mother single-handedly brought up his son amid all the suffering she endured as a single mother who was only a fruit vender in Industrial Area.

Sometimes last year, Kenya’s dopest rapper narrated how his mother would sometimes go home with nothing after city council askaris disrupted her fruit business in industrial area.

“Unajua my mom alikuwa anauza fruits Industrial area and most times nikiulizwa what my mother does nilikuwa nadanganya. And most times akishikwa na kanjo that day anakuja home tunajua hajauza. And i really wanted to work hard nimtoe kwa hiyo maisha . and one evening i told my mother ‘Quit your job, i will take care of you’ and she just started Crying , i asked her why she is crying. She said its tears of joy,” King Kaka narrated.

The ‘Milele’ rapper has once again waxed lyrical about his mother; this time round King Kaka claims not even Obama, Maathai or Mandela can beat his mother.

King Kaka with his mother

“I was asked juzi, who is role model, I said my mother. I mean Nani hustler Kama yeye, she raised 3 boys na biashara ya kuuza matunda na most times Ni labda kanjo wamemshika but managed. Wacha vile watu wanasema I am the ultimate hustler. I mean Mandela was great with the Leadership, Biko was Wise , Luther King was firm with his leadership , Obama with his words, Maathai with her vision, Ali with his confidence but No One Beats My Mother. And she raised a King. I salute You Mama. Queen Elizabeth. The Real Legend,” King Kaka went raptures about his mother.



5 eye-popping celebrity fantasies: King Kaka reveals what he would do to Esther Passaris given as chance as Willy Paul says he would take Zari Hassan to meet his mum

Just like any typical citizen, celebrities too have crushes on fellow newsmakers; some disclosed that they would marry their crushes despite the fact that they currently seeing other people.

Pulse magazine recently conducted quick-fire interviews with selected Kenyan celebrities about their celebrity crushes.

King Kaka, Willy Paul, Chipukeezy, Joe Muchiri were among some of the celebrities who freely expressed their fantasies about their celebrity crushes.

29 year old King Kaka has a crush on 52 year old Esther Passaris

“Passaris is a complete lady; gorgeous and focused. I respect her hustle. I would take her for a road trip to a destination of her choice…and that is just for the two of us. I imagine all that fantasy. Can you imagine a drive on this open roof car with the wind blowing her hair.”

Willy Paul wants to Zari Hassan to meet his mother

“I have a big big crush on Zari. I would take her home to meet my mum given a chance.”

Chipukeezy had a crush on Joyce Omondi but now it’s Teen Republik’s Tracy Wanjiru whose giving him sleepless nights

Joyce Omondi

“I liked and still like the beautiful Joyce Omondi and can offer anything just to take her out, only that she is now married.”

Tracy Wanjiru

“Right now, I have a crush on the Teen Republik host Tracy Wanjiru. That girl is hot. Frankly, I can’t explain exactly what I feel for her or why I feel so. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Joe Muchiri wants to take Eve D’Souza to Greece

“Eve D’Souza is one admirable lady. She has it all put together from having a great personality, a focus in life and a great career. She is also humble and given a chance I would offer her a deserved exotic holiday to the Greece”

Adelle Onyango has something for Micasa’s J’Something

“I know J Something of Micasa is a really good chef so I would have him over and let him cook for me his signature meal.”

J Something


“Ningekutana nao ningewapiga ngumi” King Kaka reveals how his beef with Khaligraph Jones, Octopizzo and Juliani ended amicably without bloodshed

There was a time when Kenya’s illest rappers didn’t see eye to eye; King Kaka has revealed how tension between him and his fiercest rivals was diffused.

Who is the ultimate rap king in Kenya? This unending debate was the genesis of bad blood among King Kaka, Octopizzo, Khaligraph Jones and Juliani.

Juliani challenged King Kaka, Octopizzo and Khaligraph to a rap battle in November 2015 to determine who among them was the rap king.

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King Kaka has today revealed the beef with the three other rappers was so serious that it could have resulted in bloodshed.

In an interview on Milele FM with Cleopas Awinja JPT and Anita raey, King Kaka said he could have started a cockfight with other rappers at the height of their beef.

“There was a time there was beef, tungekutana na mtu kwa kona ningempiga ngumi,” King Kaka said.

The ‘Senzenina’ rapper revealed someone mediated to end the beef he had with Octopizzo, Khaligraph and Juliani. He says he is now friends with the three.

“Most of them are mad that I am king but I still call them. Ntafanya nini na airtime yangu??”

Octopizzo, King Kaka and Khaligraph Jones

Savage: King Kaka releases new diss track slamming both local Gospel and secular artistes

King Kaka is back with a new track that will leave artistes putting their fingers in their mouth. Nobody is safe in his new song ‘Mziki Majanga!’. Together with a new singer Dogo Richie, the rapper slams both gospel and secular artistes using highly personal lyrics that spill the beans on what they are do and sh!t gets personal at some level.

The new song will definitely give his fans the chills! This time around King Kaka is out to throw shade to those pretending to run the music industry while he knows their dirty secrets.

In the first verse he calls out a certain gospel artiste who is known to preach the word yet he picks ‘mapoko’ on the streets.. Well, this caught my attention since he made it obvious for fans to figure out who he was aiming at, right?

The new track basically spares no one in the music industry. His new twist allows him to sample the alphabetical letters as he expresses what he feels in his poetic anthem.

Take a listen to the vengefuley track right here.

Rapper King Kaka set to tie the Knot next month to this hot babe. Expect Team Mafisi to salivate over her(PHOTOS)

January is barely over and the wedding bells are already tricking in, Kenyan rapper King Kaka leading from the front.

He has finally decided to make a decent woman out of his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, Nana Owiti.

The statement which I can guarantee will break quite many hearts was made on his instagram page with the wedding set to go down next month, the month of love.

The statement also comes in the wake of rumours that King Kaka might be having an affair with Machachari’s Mama Baha considering all the moment s they have been spotted getting cozy.

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King Kaka whose one of Kenya’s most accomplished rappers also has another daughter with Chemutai Sage, a popular singer.

Anyway, the shine today is in on Nana so here she is looking absolutely stunning. King Kaka has surely made a good choice:

King Kaka's baby mama
Nana Owiti, King Kaka’s longtime girlfriend

Owiti 2

Owiti 3

Owiti 4


Sad! King Kaka narrates how he decided to dedicate his latest song to his brother’s son who died in July last year

The loss of a loved one was what pushed King Kaka to compose his latest song. The rapper narrates how the cruel hand of death snatched his beloved nephew.

King Kaka has revealed his latest song ‘Senzenina’ was a dedication to his nephew who passed away on 12th July 2016.

The rapper says his nephew passed on four months after he was born prematurely; Kaka had named the baby ‘Moran’ because he fought like a warrior to survive after he was born at 7 month.

“On 7th Jan i released the video to Senzenina but i have never talked about it and why i wrote that poetry piece. I am the last born of 3 boys . Kevo 1st Born and Deno the 2nd born. Now last year Deno was blessed with a bouncing boy and immediately he was born he called me and asked me to name the baby boy. I named Him Moran Ombima,he was a warrior for before he was born he really fought for his life from complications to being born at 7months of pregnancy. Me and Moran were good friends and specifically My Bro really loved him. He would leave work during lunch hours just to go home to hold him. When i got the news i really cried,the last time i did is when my grandma passed. 12th July He slept and never woke up and Thus Senzenina he was 4months old. Rest Well,” King Kaka wrote.

Watch the video below:

King Kaka’s ‘Senzenina’ Ft RedFourth gives us a good reason to remember everyone we lost

King Kaka has released a new song dubbed Senzenina featuring Upper Hill’s RedFourth choir.

The song released a few days ago has left many touched due to the emotional lyrics drafted by the Swahili rapper popularly known for his poetic poems that speak straight to the heart.

Senzenina is a song that talks about the passing of a loved one. King Kaka delivers heartfelt lyrics that speak loud to those who have lost their loved ones in the past assuring them that everything will eventually be well.

He features Redfourth Chorus who are now known for their sultry vocals and amazing way of harmonizing their way into most people’s hearts.

Senzenina might not entitle a lot in its video however just listening to the song helps one create his own by reflecting on whatever they went through after losing their loved one.

Comedian cum radio presenter Jalango is among those who greatly appreciate the song as he says he it reminds him of his late dad.

Below is the video that has left many in tears:

10 photos that further fuel rumors Mama Baha of Machachari and Rabbit Kaka Sungura are secretly dating

Sometimes last year, there were rumors that King Kaka and Mama Baha were secretly dating. More photos of the two celebs hanging out together further fuels this grapevine.

King Kaka and Wanjiku ‘Shiks’ Mburu aka Mama Bahati of Machachari have been spotted one too many times enjoying quality time together at different hangouts.

While others are of the opinion that they are just tight buddies, some think there might be more than meets the eye in the regular meetings between Rabbit and Mama Baha. Of course the two haven’t said a word about it.

Mama Baha is still single and searching (she revealed so last year) and Rabbit is also ‘single’ (his relationship is complicated); this fact only heighten speculations.

The Machachari actress has shared numerous photos that show Rabbit and her at various places including restaurants and other hangouts. Take a look below: