This guy isn’t serious! Ali Kiba now blames Diamond for his below average performance at Chris Brown concert in Mombasa

Must he always drag Diamond’s name to his misfortunes? Ali Kiba dropped a subpar performance at Mombasa Rocks concert and now all over sudden it’s Chibu Dangote’s fault.

Ali Kiba caused drama at Mombasa Golf Club when he performed two songs and left the stage for Chris Brown to pick over. Hassan Joho had to call him back on stage to perform again after Breezy left.

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Apparently there is more than meets the eye in the case of Ali Kiba’s half baked performance. Why did he perform after Wizkid yet the Nigerian star is obviously ‘bigger’ than him?

The reason is simple; Joho favors Ali Kiba. The trick that was played on Wizkid was the same Diamond was accorded when he shared a stage with Ali Kiba on September 3rd 2016 during a gig at Mama Ngina Drive that Mombasa Governor organized.


Diamond performing at Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa Photo/Instagram


Joho saw to it that Diamond performs before Ali Kiba takes to the stage. And Diamond caused drama when he realized what was happening.

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Even after the disappointing performance, Joho still tagged along Ali Kiba to the launch of Maweni Secondary School swimming pool in Nyali Sub-County.


Joho and Ali Kiba opening of Maweni Secondary School swimming pool on Sunday 8th October photo/Facebook


Back to Chris Brown’s concert; Ali Kiba now blames Diamond for his below average performance. The “Aje” singer says Diamond’s manager was backstage when he was performing.

In an exclusive interview with Mzazi Willy Tuva, Ali Kiba had no substantial answer when he was asked to explain the drama on Saturday night. He blamed the organizers of the gig and Diamond’s manager for his poor performance.

“Kuna vitu ambavyo sijavielewa, vijana vilikuepo pale. Mi pia sijafurahishwa nazo. Nilimwona meneja wake Diamond alikuwepo pale, natafuta nini backstage wakati mimi na perform? Yeye anahusika kama nani? Haileti picha nzuri”

Translation: There are things I don’t understand that happened and I am not pleased they happened. I saw Diamond’s manager was there. What was he doing backstage when I was performing? How was he involved there?

Watch the complete interview below:

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