This what Transpired at Arboretum Grounds Yesterday when Y’all were in Church(PHOTOS)

December 19, 2016 at 08:00

And the most happening event of the weekend goes to…..wait for it….Sleepy David’s Comedy in the park.

The lad decided he was no boy anymore and put on some big boy shoes attempting to hold down a show all on his own and to be quite frank it didn’t turn out to be so bad.

The idea was well orchestrated to start with- the venue was just the bomb and the activities were pretty much suited for everyone.

Here have a glimpse of what transpired on The Funniest by Sleepy David yesterday:


The belle of beautiful women came in droves.


And I mean droves.


Then there was singer Marete who couldn’t believe she was actually laughing at Sleepy’s lame jokes. 


And then there was Jaguar’s kiddo who was probably contemplating and I mean really hard about telling daddy he had paid a 1000 bob only for Sleepy to step on stage and just drink water. 



This is what I’m talking about. 


Even Big Ted couldn’t take it so he decided to step out and have some chicken. 



Soon enough Sleepy quit playing and again he was back in action much to the excitement of this lady whom I assume was part of the organizing team. 


Until he got back to drinking water again and the DJ for a second actually thought of throwing a water bottle at him. 

Fun afternoon it was!


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