Aisha Nabukeera’s Ten Year Challenge will Give You Tears of Joy

Looking at her now, one may fail to recognize Aisha Nabukeera. From a time that felt like the world was over, to being one of the most beautiful, intelligent and successful girls in the world. To remember her graduation a year later, and to participate in the 10 years Challenge, Nabukeera posted  a photo that will give hope to each and every girl suffering right now.

“Ten years later,I smile more easily,No more cries!” she shared

Nabukeera’s body burnt in the fire

In the hands of her stepmother, this young girl’s body was burnt mercilessly. Aisha narrates that she was sent to buy paraffin for the lamp, after which her mother gave her dress to put on. It was soaked in paraffin, but her cries went to a deaf ear. Her stepmother then asked her to light the lamp, as she and the other children stepped out of the house. Her attempt was to destroy the future of this young girl, still in primary school, but God had other plans in mind. isha’s body got burnt, and she was adopted by city political analyst, and business man, Frank Gashumba.

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Today, Aisha has completed school, and is now a strong woman, inspiring millions to overcome situations of violence and torture.


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