Apass Shares His History With Bebe Cool

What has been the deal with Apps Bagonza and Bebe Cool, is something we have not yet figured out. The two had a couple of exchanges, calling each other names, but Pass has on Facebook shared his true feelings about Bebe.

“We don’t have to agree on everything or like each other’s views from time to time but we should keep the respect and love, the man next to me is an example of what I want to be and what I don’t want to be. No one is perfect 1000% we need to learn to tolerate each other.

The two artists met way back

In the so called big 3 artists, he is the one I first met and talked to, the picture you see is the first pic I took with Bebe Cool at iguana in 2014 that man took time and gave me advice that I hold up to now, he was not obligated to give me advice, he was free to enjoy his music and later leave but he gave me 15 minutes of his time in a club so I can’t take that for granted…. I may disagree with him and clown him sometimes for what he says but he has my respect as a person who is not perfect and so are we. We are only human. #OneLove #Respect #GuliWano ❤️”

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It looks like Puss still respects the gagamel king. We wonder what Bebe Cool has to say about this.

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