Barbie Kyagulanyi Welcomes Donations To Save Kisiizi, her Birth Hospital

According to Wikipedia, Kisiizi hospital is a community hospital in the district of Rukungiri, South Western Uganda. It is located in Rubado sub county and one of the oldest Missionary founded hospitals in Kisiizi.
Heavy floods have submerged the hospital after the heavy rains and downpour on Sunday. The water swept downwards and washed the slopes of Nyarushanje and Nyakishenyi.

Kisiizi hospital

There was a lot of distraction worth millions, example a 300 watt generator, that supplied the main lighting, hence the processes of the hospital has been put on hold.This led to an unfortunate event of death of three babies who were in the incubator at the time the generator was disrupted. The floods entered and covered up many of the wards and their water sources have been damaged.

Kisiizi hospital also happens to be Barbie Kyagulanyi’s birth hospital. She posted on facebook

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On 10th September, just three days after my birthday, Kisiizi hospital, a hospital I was born in flooded. The paediatrics and the women surgical wards were affected. Patients have been evacuated. There is so water and electricity supply. There is fear that the sewerage system has been messed up and raw sewerage is mixed up inn flooed water which is stagnant in the fiesld. As we pray for a friendly wet season in the hills of Rukungiri

Floods cover up the hospital

Barbie welcomes us, her fans, family and friends to please donate so that the hospital can be generated . we can all contribute what we can, and to do this, follow the link below If you have anything to offer, please let us support Kisiizi Hospital

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