Bebe Cool Threatens to Expose Artists that Chewed NRM Money

Singer Bebe Cool is super excited, because he seems to have some dirt on his fellow artists. On his recent Facebook posts, he threatens to expose all those that do not publicly acknowledge that they borrowed money from him. Follow the link to watch the first video evidence of Hildaman

“Yesterday i gently asked Ugandan artists who i gave the money to acknowledge it but all in vain and all that happens is Bebe Cool stole the money.
Some of these musicians have even gone ahead to abuse the president. Ok.
If you don’t want your video to come out,make a general post acknowledging that the money was genuinely lent to us by Bebe Cool. Failure to do so, i will be left with no choice but defend my self by releasing more evidence. ” he posted

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This will be interesting. We will keep you posted as the story unfolds.


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