Celebs people eagerly can’t wait to see get married

After Flavia Tumusiime and Andrew Kabuura squashing rumors and surprising the whole nation with a quick introduction and Marriage , MC Mariachi doing his Kukyaala (introduction) earlier on , singer and actress Hellen Lukoma teased us with a glamorous  kukyala which turned out to be a video shoot.  these join the other happily married celebrities like Jose Chameleon and Daniella , Bobi Wine and Barbi Itungo , Geoffrey Lutaaya and Irene Namatovu.

Nevertheless ss the celebrities are taking their relationship goals beyond treats , parties , vacations selfies and matching outfits, here are some of the celebs who we can’t wait to see get married .


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The pressure on this couple to make their relationship official is still on. With Eddy Kenzo being linked to a number of women like recent Big Talent recruit Pia Pounds and previously Lydia Jazmine, the BET Award winner has always found ways of winning the  argument with his baby mama .  However, after Songstress  Rema released ‘ Sili Muyembe, a song in which she warns her lover to utilize his opportunity before the mango is snatched and eaten up by another, it’s not been so easy for the Sitya Loss hit maker as he couldn’t rest with the song and released a hate track dont care immediately after.

The love relationship between the celebrity couple was first kept private until Rema conceived. After Rema gave birth to Aamal, there were no more arguments despite rumours linking the child to Mathias Walukaga.   Earlier this year  at the  10 years of Eddy Kenzo press conference, the singer admitted that no one can force him to  marry Rema as he will do it in his own time and pace. Ugandans are still on the look and waiting.




Singer Sheebah is always so quiet when it comes to relationship talk . Everyone would be in shock to  hear of   Sheebah rumored pregnancy.The Team No Sleep singer once said; “I have had several boyfriends since I was 16 years though I broke up with some of them and hooked up new ones. I always post everything about my life on social media but when it comes to my love life, I keep it private.” Trust me just like her music career, Sheebah has excelled in making her love life private. However, during a one on one with this paper, the John Rambo hit maker revealed that she dreams of being a mother rather than settling for a marriage. For Sheebah, if she gets pregnant , we shall just be okay with the news and love her.




The currently appointed Tourism Ambassador is one hell of a slay queen and socialite who dumps and dates with socialites who dont think of marriage She has been previously in relationships with kampala socialites like Meddie Ssentongo and Mo Red Mayanja . After venturing into  several failed relationships and revenge porn, media personality Anita Fabiola Kyarimpa earlier this year came out and disclosed all about her life, love and marriage. Fabiola revealed that she met an American based boyfriend who is allegedly an NBA player who changed her life to an extent of thinking about settling down for a serious marriage. When  asked  to disclose his identity, she stated that she does not trust ‘these kampala slay queens ’.



This is one hell of a controversial relationship that has been the worst over the years . MC kats is at logger heads with Mutoni Fille and hooked up a new socialite only known as Pat who ditched him just after like a week leaving kats in tears and secretly wanting his long time fiancee back .

MC Kats proposed to singer Fille Mutoni in 2014 and from then their relationship has appeared almost every weekend in the tabloids. In 2015, at Fille’s show, the couple launched their wedding meeting but several scandals have seen them hit the rock and bounce back several times. With the couple blessed with a daughter, we can’t wait to see them tie a knot despite the recent rumour that they are no longer together. They say in matters of the heart, you can’t rush to judge a couple.

We wait for what unfolds in the near future.



It id laughable for this ‘ever 25 year old‘ singer . Will Desire Luzinda ever get married  ? This is the common question every fan has in mind whenever he/she sees the singer. The Kitoone singer has both sour and sweet experiences in her love life. After breaking up with her baby daddy John Kaddu, Desire moved on to several affairs that included; Juma Seiko, Tycoon Lwasa , a one Franklin,  a Nigerian man  she says believe leaked her nudes among others. Desire once disclosed during an interview on NTV that she is willing to get married but she is yet to get a serious man.



Unlike the above personalities, Juliana Kanyomozi has been linked  to several men but the rumours disappear as fast as they surface. After the death of her son, Keron, fans have been anxious to watch her next step in the relationships but it seems, it’s a tough decision. We still cant wait for her to recover from the sons death that happened years ago.

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