EXCLUSIVE ! Miss Uganda Abenakyo dumped ,Anita Fabiola named new Tourism Ambassador

News coming in that Ugandas most successful beauty queen and  Miss World winner was put off the Tulambule tour which was to start o n january 27th ,  just recently after being appointed by  Uganda Tourism Board.

The reigning Miss Uganda , Quiin Abenakyo is believed to have  canceled the Tulambule Uganda campaign earlier two weeks ago over ‘sickness’. Exclusive information reaching the public  indicates that Abenakyo was told by her family members and bosses to cancel the campaign just few days after she was appointed the Goodwill Tourism brand ambassador by state minister of Tourism, Hon Godfrey Kiwanda.

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Impeccable sources also have it that Abenakyo’s family advised her to cancel the campaign following Uganda Tourism Board’s (UTB) refusal to sponsor her trip in the recent Miss World competition. “We were only 7 family members who contributed for her air ticket when she was travelling to China. If UTB isn’t paying our daughter, she will not show up. We will not allow you (Kiwanda) ride on our daughter’s fame for free,” a family member is quoted saying during the cancellation of the Tulambule trip.

Hon Kiwanda was reportedly quoted threatening to make Abenakyo’s life miserable if she continues defying him. Apparently Abenakyo demanded huge amounts of money from Kiwanda, another reason that led to the cancellation of the trip.The 5-day campaign was supposed to kick off from Eastern Uganda featuring activities like zip lining, bungee jumping, rafting, among others.

Therefore following cancellation of the Tulambule tour over Abenakyos feigned sickness , the miss world was dumped  were as socialite and television star Anita Fbiola has been appointed as the new Goodwill Tourism Brand Ambassador by the state Minister for Tourism, Hon Godfrey Kiwanda.



The newly appointed Fabiola will also be taking over Abenakyo’s responsibilities in the 2019 edition of Tulambule Uganda campaign through promoting domestic tourism. The campaign that kicks off today Tuesday 5th February is expected to be flagged off by Hon Kiwanda as Fabiola takes a tour in Eastern Uganda as well as other parts of the country.

Hon Kiwanda seems to have a thing for hot babes as it should be recalled that socialite Zari Hassan spearheaded last year’s Tulambule campaign, later appointed Abenakyo and now Fabiola.




We shall keep you posted on the events.

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