Fik Fameica is not ashamed of hawking second hand clothes before he became a star

Image: Fil Fameica, a youthful artitist

Before stardom, artistes had  to hustle just like the rest of us and many are not ashamed of it just like “Tonsukuma” singer  Fik Fameica.

He admits he actually sold second hand clothes which he hawked  from place to place, to his specific clients but not at the Owino market.

He says it was through that he met producer Frank of JahIive who was one of his clients and bought a lot of clothes form him.

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“I used to take clothes to Jahlive in Makindye. It was there that one time I met people freestyling and I asked to try. Frank didn’t believe I was serious but gave me some unfamiliar beat and I failed on it miserably. But then I asked for another and I did well,” he explains.

Fik then recorded “Pistol” that was initially for his pleasure but it became his breakout hit.

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