Fille releases new song dubbed Bye Bye EX , revealing that its over between her and MC Kats

It’s been a couple of months now since  celebrated singer Fille and her controversial MC, Kats fell out. The two lovebirds  have been on and off, but this time round, the two will be out as singles more so when the MC acted awkward on stage as the singer was performing at wave lounge on valentines day.

“Jeff, thanks for this song and for being a real friend to MC Kats.” Fille says in a post . This shows Jeff of TNS is behind the song.

In this controversial  song, Fille says she was tired of waiting for the wedding that never was.

The lyrics in a few words go like this ;

“Amadinisa gayiika nze sikujukira,
Amasanyalaze gagenda oliimunzikiza,

Amadinisa gayiika nze sikujukira,
Amasanyalaze gagenda oliimunzikiza,


Mbu you’ve come back for more, Mpulira wakyuka,
Nze nzijja mubintu byo,
Va Mukolotta
Wakyanga kyanga wakuba ragga,
Wanfula mukozi olwa kabagga,
Nontagula omutima nga ngumye
nanti ninze embagga…

Ex wampa experience, time ye expiringa osambyeko retiringa
There goes the door exitinga…

Bye Bye Ex, Bye Bye
Bye Bye Ex, Bye Bye”

This song is not well with MC kats as he got to his handle and uttered out saying ;

“Cheers to all ……. who pretend to be friends. You pour all your pains to them and they use that to get back to hurt you
Some people are God blessed they will know or hear coz God has them and your plan to destroy will never work.”

“Anxiety is when an enemy threatens your future as a friend in disguise yet they want to destroy you
you messed with the wrong person your years of your selfish games let the games begin…”

“Money can’t handle brains warned you before. You can buy use it or even confuse them, but
God above.”

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