Kalabanda stories every Ugandan child heard growing up.

If you were born in the 1990s you have at least hear of the term “kalabanda” especially in boarding school. The stories were so real to us at the time but we can’t help but laugh at them now. Here are a few.

Cutting nails at night.

There was a belief that cutting nails at night would attract kalabanda to come and collect them and take you with him the next day.

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Calling names at night.

The belief was that when ones name was called after lights out, the kalabanda would single them out when he makes his rounds at night.

Onions in the armpit.

This belief was conceptualized to save people from being caned. Apparently when one put onions under their armpit, they would faint when caned saving them from the pain.

Looking at your mother in the toilet.

Kids were told that if they peeped their parents using the toilet the would instead poo a snake.


Kalabanda would get you easily if you sleep on the top bunk at school.

The kalabanda theory was that he was a skeleton and break if he bent making the one sleeping on the top decker the easiest target.

What are your funniest kalabanda stories.

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