Kiira Motors Cooperation Produces Their Model of the Sedan

The fact that Uganda will be producing cars from within the country by 2018, has been a widespread joke, that we all shared during the end of last year. Kiira Motors Uganda, has however disapproved all of us, my releasing their first version of the sedan car.

In 2015, the company shared that they would produce pickups and crossovers too

“Production starts in 2018 with 305 vehicles and production is expected to be at full capacity of 60,000 vehicles per year by 2039,” Mr Paul Isaac Musasizi the company CEO said, after the Kira Smack Vehicle was produced.

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Well there is evidence now, as the Sedan has been produced.

“Elegant in looks, it drives smoothly and is evidence of Ugandan genius in innovation and technology.” said analyst, Andrew Mwenda. They accompanied the car for a test drive last week.

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