Let Ykee Benda Be Your Superman

Let me be your superman, let me be your master planner, Girl tonight I am in your corner.

Wow, if these are words that you think you could say to you wife/ girlfriend, or words that you think appeal to you, then do not waste time today. Ykee Benda has just released his new hit, Superman and it is killing the ladies. The song has a slow RnB regga/ dancehall beats and is very relaxing to listen to.

Ykee Benda has the right words to say. His song Munakampala spread far and wide within the country, and also other places outside Uganda. Now he is here with yet another song, Superman that has lyrics like hallucinating and groundbreaking which will make you call for an ambulance after you faint from sweet word disease.

Ykee Benda

He is young, talented and a solo artist, and this is not his only song. He has also done other hits like Byonkola, Ebilooto, Malaika and Budumbu, only to mention but a few. He has also done collaborations with various artists, and is indeed a gift to the country.

On his facebook page, he posted a #supermanmustgoviral and his fans are there supporting by dropping their video clips on. If you are a fan, go listen to this song and let us support Ykee Benda.

Get the audio via ykeebenda.com/tracks or download and listen via the URL  https://goo.gl/Dse403

I just downloaded mine, go and let Ykee Benda be your superman.

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