Maddox Ssematimba Will join Tarrus Riley as Lead Artiste

Image: Maddox

We already know that Tarrus Riley is coming to Uganda, and that Capital FM is the one bringing him. Guess what. Maddox Ssemanda Sematimba happens to be the only lead artist who is going to be on stage to support this show.

Maddox is a popular Ugandan artiste, known for his Luganda slow and enriching love ballards like, “Namagembe”

He is fine, he takes it slow and this reggae artist has made a ballistic return to Uganda’s entertainment scene.

In 2016, he crowned his entrance with the release of the video, “Namagembe” of a song that he had sang years back. He took all of us back in time, and managed to capture both the young and the old. What a brilliant way to constantly keep your fans on their toes, waiting for great things from you.

Maddox has also released other songs like Nakatudde, Wansonyi and Abato, Ngo’olabye, Omuyimbi, wont give up and many others.

He is an old school artist, who sings with so much soul. I am confident he will blow the roof off with Tarrus Riley.

Earliar this year he gave a show stopping performance at Imperial Royal Hotel on Good Friday, that attracted crowds from all over the country.

Maddox expressed showed his joy of being chosen.


Tarrus Riley will be performing on December 1st 2017 and you all have to be ready before the date.

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