Plascon Kansai Officially Launch Uganda’s First Anti Mosquito Paint

Slowly by slowly, Uganda is becoming a strong an independent country. The newest invention so far, is an anti mosquito paint thanks to Plascon Kansas. A years ago, the rebranded paint company, in a meeting with the president, shared the idea of having Uganda fight diseases like malaria by 2021.

This proves breaking now, as the first anti mosquito paint has been launched. The paint contains a chemical that has a knock down effect, and has been tested by the ministry of health, amd the National Health Research Authority. 

This product is in line with what we promised when we were re-branding. Powered by the unique technology of a mosquito free environment, this paint is designed to be safe to use in residential homes, public and commercial buildings” Chris Nunget, the managing director shared. 

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The paint is appatenlty valued at eighty thousand Uganda shillings, and will be available in Uganda shops for use. Could this be the solution we have always been looking for?

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