“This Vag**a is for God and my country” Bad Black.(video)

Bad black aka Shanita Namuyimba is by far the most out spoken socialite and very much unashamed of her past as a prostitute and has embraced it in her sketches on Snapchat which is now her playing field of choice.

She posted her video cautioning guys who come to f**k her and overstay their welcome to learn a lesson and leave.

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Pretty Glo escapes Rehab through a window

Sometime last week former musical artiste pretty glo was caught stealing from a mobile shop at ham towers and almost torn apart.

It was then that socialite bad black came to her rescue and took her to rehab to gibe her a chance at a new life. Until she was faced with a disappointment.

As Bad Black went to clear the rehab fees, was instead served with heartbreaking news of how Pretty Glo had escaped from the hospital through a window.

Pretty Glo is said to have run back to her former residence where she allegedly shares a room with eight women and 10 men.

Bad black blasts musicians who are advising her against helping Pretty Glo

Bad black is apparently facing heat from musicians who are advising her against giving Pretty Glo a hand during her current trying moment.

In true Bad Black fashion she took to Snapchat to tell them off in not so kind words.

“You are fake like condoms just judged her now that she is fine and on treatment your calling me to STOP. I know most musicians you’re following me. Don’t call me with your stupid advise” she said

She cautioned the same musicians whose names she kept withheld to stop calling her and even threatened to publish their numbers if the don’t.

She added that she has plenty of money and does not need a car wash to help Pretty Glo get out of danger. She has already paid 1m out of 8m required for Rehab fees for the troubled artist.

“I can teach pretty ‘golo’ to make money as a prostitute instead of stealing” Bad Black (video)

After former musician Pretty glo was caught trying to steal a phone at Ham Towers on Monday, Bad black has come forth to offer help in the best way she knows how.

Gloria was dating fellow faded musician Quite Kaye who was also caught last year stealing car headlights. It is safe to say they are keeping it in the family.

Bad Black has offered her two cents on the situation asking for her contact on social media to help her and her child. She also offered to help Pretty Glo turn into a sex worker to earn millions of dollars and live a better life.

The part that got masses even more interested is where black refers to her as “golo”

Watch below:

Bad black reveals shocking confession a fter being grilled by police

Bad black has made a name for herself with her very entertaining persona on snapchat with interesting stories of her life and times as a prostitute on the stretlets of rock gardens.

The socialite real names Shanita Namuyimba  was summoned to the CID police headquarters to answer why she insulted president by saying he got her pregnant and forced her to abort.

She told police detectives that she was paid to to defend Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and abuse President Yoweri Museveni.

“I have since realized my mistakes and I won’t do it again,” she confessed. Of course she still commits to her funny tales though what’s not to love.

Bad Black pregnant again

Bad Black has taken over snapchat recently and has made it even more exciting for people on the platform. Alot of her content has landed her in a pot of horseshit with the police claiming she is spreading immorality.
However for this one, she ie letting on a interesting piece of news. Sheofficially confirmed on snapchat that she is expecting  a baby.

Badblack who has two young sons claims she doesn’t know the father of her child since she sleeps with several men.

She had earlier confessed that she was beaten by one of  her clients to stop prostitution. We remain to see what happens to the hustler.

“My children will teach me English” bad black

Bad black has been fodder for the internet since her infamous hodulop video which is one of many in which the socialite butchers the queen’s English.

She in the passenger explained that she dropped out of school in senior two to go and hustle on the streets of Kampala. She has now taken to the same snap chat platform that exposed her broken English to explain herself.

Bad black posted a picture of her son saying she is working to give her children everything so that they can teach her English in the future.

That’s a worthy trade off right?

Bad Black reveals which guy she wants to take her loneliness away.

Faded socialite Shanitah Namuyimba alias Bad Black has shafted several men over the years.

Now news reaching the Howwe desk indicates that the failed artiste, who is currently on a masturbating and bonking spree in Middle East and Asia has named her next victim when she returns home.


Through her snap chat account, Bad Black has been clear on how she dreams of sharing fluids with Rwandan singer, Meddy of “Slowly” hit song that has taken Africans by storm.


Bad Black, who is tired of masturbating, is ready to do whatever it takes to bed Meddy.


Well, Bad Black always gets what she wants. Let us watch the space.

Bad black films sex tape on snap chat.

Bad black is at it once again and this time we wonder if this has crossed the line into insanity.

The former socialite and faded singer maybe on the verge of joining the porn industry as her next venture. Bad black took to snapchat to show off her new white boy toy and what he does to her.

She figured it would be more entertaining to snap the whole ordeal. Bad black is currently vacationing in Thailand.

Watch below


Meddie Sentongo Seeks Marriage Partner

Abanoonya of the year Meddie Sentongo is searching for a “marriage material” woman to settle down.

He said in an interview, “I have had fun to the fullest and it’s time to settle down. I need to start a family.”

Meddie has dated several girls and they include; Anita Fabiola, Bad Black, Corazon Kwamboka and Tanzanian socialite, Agnes Masogange.

Meddie came to the limelight when dated Bad Black. The two splashed cash in bars and rolled in big wheels.

However,All this was brought to a halt when they were accused of fleecing 11b from tycoon David Greenhalgh. They were found guilty and sent to jail, 11 months for Meddie and 4 years for Black.

Meddie says him and bad black are still friends due to their experiences. On the other hand she says he is passed tense and has found a new love in Brad Pitt.

Any one interested in marrying Meddie?

Bad black wants to date New Money bags Brian White

Bad black could never go out of style if she tried.

The former inmate has a new money plan up her sleeve and that is to date the newest Don Brian white.

Brian white has been going around town dishing out cash to whoever says his name which has made him the new target.

Since being taken to prison over embezzlement of 11 billion from her British Bae DAvid Greenhalgh, she has since lost the bargaining power in the socialite circles she used to have at the time.

Her friends say she is searching for the Don’s Number Left, right and center.

One word for Bad Black?

Bad black tattoos Brad pitt to show her special love

When Bad black loves, she loves for real and brad pitt is the lucky man.

The Former inmate and socialite has finally decided to profess her love with ink after having a crush on the Hollywood star.

She posted the new ink on her snap chat although it looks like Brad Pitt was drunk.

Brad Pitt has 6 children with wife Angelina Jolie whom he has recently. She may still have chance if she can afford the plane ticket to Hollywood.



Top 5 “Tycoons” That Are No More. Baddawa?

When we speak of Tycoons, Uganda has had its fair share of those over the years.

These Self styled money bags usually flood the Kampala entertainment scene with money we are not aware of its origin. As is, they disappear like they came.

Today, we are counting them down and reliving these memories.

  1. Mike Ezra 

    Mike Ezra with his dollars

    This One is the Pioneer of this tycoon business in Uganda. Mike most profound moment was when he paraded a heap if dollars way before even 10% of Uganda’s population had seen a dollar. It is said however that these we fake but he never stayed around long enough to explain. He has since disappeared in thin air.

  2. Sue Ochola

    Sue with her Arab parties

    Who can forget the endless Arab parties with this one. Sue made a name for herself in kampala’s most affluent societies for the money she threw around. Who can tell where she is now.

  3. Meddie Sentongo

    Meddie sentongo

    Do you remember when he used to carry around money in a black polythene bag in the Back of his car? We are talking about the Meddie who ate Muzungu’s money with Bad Black but has since disappeared from the scene to date.

  4. Bad Black

    Bad Black

    Also Known as Shanita Namuyimba once a street walker, made her fame when she conned a British Business man Greenhalgh of 11b Uganda Shillings and painted Kampala Green with her new found fortune. She however ended up convicted and came out whiter but has since gone silent. We surely miss her comic antics!

  5. Judith Heard

    Judith heard and husband Alex heard

    Once a mere model got fortunate and married rich South African doctor Alex heard to make her one of the new tycoons of her time. She once paraded a Bentley a birthday gift from her rich Hubby. We hear he has since moved on to another Kenyan model leaving Judith Heard to attend blanket and Wines.

  6. Who can you add to the list?