The hustle of women in the entertainment industry

Women in the entertainment industry have to jump a lot more hurdles before they can make it in the dominated industry. Many have come out to publicly express their hustles and its painful.

Spice Diana.

Spice in Purple

“There are radio stations I used to go to and presenters would first want to date me before playing my music. I just stopped and kept going to places where they would play without asking. Once God decides, you can be what you should be,” she explains.


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Sheena has had it rough from her Obsessions days where she says the girls dissed and looked down on her for being uneducated which affected her self esteem. She has also been ridiculed by fans for her dresscode which as an artist is not so inappropriate.

Irene Ntale

The beautiful and talented Irene Ntale

I hate comparisons. I don’t know why Ugandan musicians like to compare one artiste with another yet what we bring on the table is different. I worked with Sheebah to put a stop to the comparisons,” Ntale exclaimed.

Desire Luzinda.

Desire Luzinda maybe the poster child for injustices faced by female entertainers. The mother of one had her nude pictures which were taken in intimacy released to the public after a relationship went sour which caused her widespread embarrassment. Thankfully for her it worked out for good.

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