UEA Says Goodbye HaLoHa Brand

It is just two days after the Uganda Entertainment awards and there is sour news going around. Many artists were not so happy about what was brought on table. Yesterday, Ray superstar posted his views on his Facebook page, expressing his honest dissatisfaction.

Ray superstar to Haloha

We all may have thought he was over reacting a little, but guess what, later that evening, Cent events made it official, and presented a full statement on all of their social media sites. Looks like we may have to say goodbye to HALOHA! Read below
Cents Events contracted Haloha brand Architects under Mr. Kabuye Ronald to run the 2017 event, this was a one year agreement between both parties. Putting into consideration the terms and conditions agreed upon and brand protection the brand legal owners (CENTS EVENTS UGANDA) have taken an immediate decision to terminate the contract with Haloha brand Architects.

On behalf of the Uganda entertainment awards brand, cents events uganda apologizes for anything that did not go right during the event and those who were affected or incovinienced during the event. However much our company was not involved in the organisation, we still play a very big role to oversee and protect the brand.

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Cents Events Uganda has take a decision not to associate with Haloha Brand Architects again and whoever represents him or her self as being part of the Uganda Entertainment Awards will be legally dealt with (misrepresentation/impersonation) unless contracted by Cents Events Uganda.

All debts /arrears in reference to Uganda Entertainment Awards 2017 are to Haloha brand architects not Uganda Entertainments Awards or Cents Events Uganda.

We working towards promoting uganda’s entertainment industry and keeping the UEA brand as strong as we can.”

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