Uganda Communications Commission lifts ABS TV suspension

UCC has lifted the suspension on ABS television, run by Revival Christian Church in Kawaala, Kampala by Pastor Augustine Iga. This follows after a series of meetings and agreements between the Television Station and the Communications Commission. The TV was suspended this year, after a series of warnings over the alleged broadcast of pornographic content.

Late 2015, Kaloondozi program on ABS, was suspended. This happened after the program aired naked clips of Maggie Kayiga, a gospel singer. The Uganda Communications Commission ED, Godfrey Matabazi stated,

We have decided to suspend the program as we investigate allegations of pornographic and invasion of people’s privacy. Failure for the TV to abide, we shall revoke its license and shut it down, period.”

It is also confirmed that last year in 2016, the television station was fined shs 25million and they decided not to broadcast any more pornographic content.

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In September this year, UCC decided to suspend the broadcasting license of ABC television after repeated breach of minimum broadcasting standards. In a letter, Godfrey Matabazi again indicated,
In spite of several warnings and attempts to give management of ABS television time to review its programs, and avoid further broadcast of offensive programs, the station has continued to act contrary to the minimum broadcasting standards.
In a letter however,UCC has granted the television station another chance and opportunity in accordance with their laws.



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