Uganda Named Among The Top 1000 Places to See Before You Die

Uganda Named Among The Top 1000 Places to See Before You Die

Uganda has been listed among the top 1000 places to see before you die by Patricia Shultz a renowned prolific and best seller travel writer at the concluded New York Times travel show in America.

While the New York Times travel show was taking place Shultz unveiled the 1000 places to see before you die in a magazine and Uganda was listed 12th of the top place.

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The list was compiled in the last August calendar and the determinants where about the attractions that would entice travelers to come to a certain destination.

Uganda has become a powerhouse in the world tourism and travel fraternity since it has so many natural attractions to offer to its visitors. This small but amazing nation to visit, receives over a million tourists through the year who come to experience its natural attractions. Thanks to the numerous online Uganda travel guide and magazines and also the international travel blogs and magazines that showcase the natural wonders to the world at large on the internet.

The pearl of Africa has so many to offer to its visitors but there are those attractions that stand out like the mountain gorillas that are found in kigezi highland south west of the country at Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park. All the mountain gorillas combined in these two wonderful natural habitats make up about 45% of the total population of the mountain gorillas in the world. The mountain gorillas are endangered species of animals with a small total population of about only 1000 individuals as red listed by the International Union of Conservation for Nature (IUCN). Uganda is one of the few countries rather three countries in the world with the mountain gorillas.

Uganda also has the big five animals namely lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes and rhinos which are the most sought after tourism products in the world. Many people around the world are interested in viewing these big mammals in the wild. These five animals have interesting history since they were very had to hunter down during the hunting age in the 18th century. These animals in Uganda are found in Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kidepo National Park but the rhinos are only found at Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary which located in the same vicinity as Murchison falls national park in northern Uganda.

The source of the Nile arguably the longest river in the world is also found in Uganda. In the 1870s John Speke and his colleague Barton discovered that river Nile starts its course from Uganda in Jinja district up to North Africa a journey of a thousand kilometers. Despite being the longest river in the world, river Nile is a natural wonder since it has so many interesting attributes that enhance tourism. River Nile has water falls that are used for whitewater rafting, cliffs for bungee jumping and also basins for fishing and boat rides.

With the attractions left alone, Uganda as a nation has made itself attractive to the rest of the people out there. The people of Uganda are very friendly and have interesting cultures to encounter and also the climate is really amazing to live in. The tour operators have also put in a shift to make this god gifted nature place enticing to the people through coming up with different tour packages like gorilla safari, wildlife safari tours, adventure tours and the new package of Self drive Uganda safaris where tourists just hire a 4×4 vehicle to explore Uganda on their own without the stewardship of a safari driver guide.

After news breaking out that Uganda is listed among the top 1000 place to see before you die, the outgoing Uganda tourism board boss Asiimwe Stephen could not resist showing his excitement. He said, “This is a great achievement and breakthrough, Uganda out of the 1000 places being 12th in the calendar year, it is really phenomenon.  We are steadily marketing and positioning Uganda to be a preferred tourism destination in the world. That is why we went to the New York Times Travel show.”

At the moment, Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) is trying so hard to promote Uganda as tourism destination since tourism is one of income engine of Uganda’s economy. They have a target of 4 million tourists coming into the country in a year by 2021.

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