Ugandan Woman Convicted of Genital Mutilation and Witchcraft in Britain

I heard witchcraft does not cross seas, oceans and lakes, but one 37 year old Ugandan woman has taken it to the United Kingdom. Names with held for legal reason, this lady apparently cut her three year old daughter’s private parts, a crime that has for years been fought in Britain.

Witch craft meant to silence people

According to various sources, the little girl apparently disclosed to the maid, that she was held down by her mother, and an old woman given access to cut her. The mother provides a contracting story that the baby fell down as she tried to reach out for some biscuits. She also added witchcraft to ensure that all this is kept a secret.

The police found a tongue of a cow, and limes, in her house, meant to silence the people involved in this case. Her husband, and father of child, a Ghanaian was also arrested and convisted of this case.

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