After writing a romantic love poem for his baby mama Nana on her birthday, King Kaka writes a heartfelt message to her daughter as she turns 3…ladies will be gushing over this one

March 27, 2017 at 12:26
King Kaka

Wasn’t it only yesterday when King Kaka achieved the prestigious fete of being the most romantic celebrity in Kenya?

He wrote his baby mama a poem which he shared online and went ahead with the serenade when he took her out for dinner later on when he showed up with a band to sing for her.

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He’s back on the spotlight and this is after he wrote a heartfelt message to his daughter as she turned 3. Ayanna, whose mother is Sage Kemutai is truly a lucky girl as daddy just bought her a bike and promised to be there when she learns how to ride it.

Now how sweet is that?

Check out what he posted on his instagram:



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