BAAD2017: The SA Experience, an End to a Beautiful Beginning

November 27, 2017 at 07:37

The SA Experience; the Final Destination.

Still on BAAD2017; the deal has been signed, sealed and Adesua Etomi has been carefully delivered to the Wellingtons. A big congratulations to the celebrity couple of the year.

Just like yesterday, news hit us that our sweetheart, Adesua Etomi has been hooked by one of the country’s most eligible bachelors. Little did we know that even more beautiful than the bride, the wedding was going to sweep us off our feets.

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Just from a single hello, the journey of a happy ever after began and like a never ending story, two has become one. Adesua Etomi in pump and circumstance dropped the Etomi title to pick up forever as a Wellington.

The ceremonies that marked the cementing of their union has been filled with awesome colours. From the engagement (which came to us out of the blues), to the introduction, the traditional wedding and ultimately, the white wedding. In what better ways can one celebrate love once it is found.

The Beginning of Forever

From a carefully selected wedding venue, to an amazing artwork crafted in style by celebrity stylist, Mai Atafo, the white wedding certainly didn’t live short of anyone’s expectations. South Africans would certainly testify to beauty in this one. The mountain top view of the wedding venue again is one to leave us drooling.

To not mention the amazing friends and family that stayed through the phases of the wedding is to be unjust. The couple is certainly lucky to have friends that stick in good times (no hopes for bad times). Of course, family is about everything that makes sense as evident in this one.

The beautiful couple is and will always be a sight to behold as we all can’t wait to be graced with the sight of their offsprings. From their smiles that were laced with love to the poses, the dances and the kisses. We just can’t get enough of BAAD2017.

…now the beginning is over and the happy forever has just began. Few days down in this journey already and forever to go. We can only see a future of happy ever afters until the day after forever.

This one is for the Wellingtons, Cheers to Love!!!


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