“I was paired with someone who led us back home” -BBNAIJA Khloe says

March 13, 2018 at 15:38

Khloe says Kbrule led her out of BBNAIJA

As regards to the viral video of ex BBNAIJA housemate, Khloe laughing at Alex, the ex-housemate has something to say. She also explained that she doesn’t have a nasty behavior. Read below:

“So I woke up to a video online with a caption from that I was mocking Alex last night.. really, that video was just me demonstrating how Alex was crying and it’s not what you called it. I love to mimic people a lot and I always do in the house. I mean no harm and I wish you all saw the full clips of the video. Alex is forever my baby and there is no bad blood here. Secondly. I was disqualified because of my pair and you guys know about it. In case you guys dint see the full clips too. Kbrule actually poured me pepper and called me a bastard, that’s why I replied like that. Those strikes are not mine. So why always trying to bring me down and call me what I am not? Disqualified cos of my pair strikes doesn’t make me a loser. I didn’t steal, dint kill or violate the rules. I was paired to someone who led us back home. Have a lovely day my lovers”.


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