Jim Iyke’s inspirational message to make your week.

October 30, 2017 at 13:49
Jim Iyke's inspirational message to make your week.

Actor Jim Iyke thanks the rock of ages

Popular Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke is not someone known for motivational talks because of his bad boy style. But his caption on Instagram today will sure help you have a fulfilled week.

Jim Iyke  shared a chilling plane photo on Instagram with a wonderful caption. Although the caption talks about himself, the idea is related to people in general.  He  ended his caption thanking God for his love.

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He wrote:

I am up here at 30,000 ft every other couple weeks going somewhere; pushing, prodding, falling, flying , receiving, giving, exploring, fearful, praying. I’ve experienced every array and depth of human emotion up here.
No matter the climate or circumstance there’s an irrevocable certainty, I’ll always show up!
Ive not been ill in over 9 years. Never a mishap while onboard. Loved ones safe and happy upon my return everytime. Pursuits met at an average of over 80% everytime. I’ve never allowed the wear and tear of the day relive my next morning.
The ones that love me is with a feriocity and depth that can only be compared with an unbridled reciprocal of mine.
You re called the ROCK OF AGES for a reason that is beyond earthly grasp Lord.
The complexity of life is simplest with your grace.
Sometimes i forget the power of a simple ‘thank you’ to everyone that one way or another has brought joy and blithe in my life.

Even the ones that seek to down trod with their afar judgment play a symmetrical catalyst to my fulfilment.
Every encounter gives me life. Every word enriches my mental archive.
There’s no coincidence in my life. The potter of souls sculpted every moment long before my advent.
The gift of choice is his greatest blessing.
I choose love.
I choose gratitude to celebrate every moment.
Thank you The Rock of ages.
You’re my sun and I’m rejuvenated every time I bask in your light.
Thank you.
Ikechukwu landed safely.
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