You May not Recognize Kizz Daniels in this Throwback Photo

November 08, 2018 at 12:13
Kizz Daniels

When most celebrities share their throwback photos, it becomes very obvious that some them have come a long way in life.

Even for those that had smooth pasts, the trends of time reflects in the difference between their throwback looks and the present. From younger looks to less trendy looks, the past and the present is certainly not something to be compared.

Kizz Daniel’s throwback photo.

In this picture, singer, Kizz Daniels is seen as the younger version of himself. Interestingly, he does not look as polished as he does now. Also, fame seem to have given a lot of maturity to his looks.


Let’s not talk about class yet…

See photo below;

Kizz Daniels

Someone says he looks more like Simi in this photo. Do you agree?

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