TBoss goes nude for her 35th birthday

March 11, 2019 at 13:27
TBoss goes nude for her 35th birthday

TBoss goes nude for her 35th birthday

TBoss who just clocked 35 took to Instagram to thanks her friend and family for their support. She did this with a nude photo of herself. See below:

“Good Morning Lovers?.
Hope y’all had a beautiful weekend?
I definitely did, Turning a year older & wiser & spending time with beautiful friends.
I feel soo Blessed and I have too many reasons to be happy.
Thank you to every single person who reached out to celebrate me- May You also be celebrated??
This new year we’re marching forward in Gratitude, positivity & Hope. Good Vibes follow & dwell with us all year through & beyond.
I Lurvvv the heck outta y’all”

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TBoss poses nude in new photo to thank family and friends who sent good wishes to her on her 35th birthday


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