What are your Thoughts on this Couple’s Trending Pre-Wedding Photos

March 14, 2019 at 13:15
What are your Thoughts on this Couple's Trending Pre-Wedding Photos

Like every other thing, weddings have evolved with different trends and innovations being introduced. Among the recent trends in the ‘wedding industry’ is pre-wedding photos.

These are pictures that couples take before their big day. Most times, couples try to.add twists and flavours to their photos. This is in a bid to add class and creativity to the pictures they take before their big day

Do you think this couple got it right with their pre-wedding photos?

There are pictures of a particular couple currently making rounds on social media. These pictures have sparked mixed feelings amongst social media pundits.

While some think there is nothing wrong with the pictures, others are of the opinion that the pictures are a bit off.

See the pictures below and share your thoughts.

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