Actor Thabo Rametsi Allegedly Beaten

January 10, 2019 at 15:16
Actor Thabo Rametsi Allegedly Beaten

Thabo Rametsi is seeking justice after he was allegedly beaten by a group of Community Policing Forum (CPF) members over the festive season.

He recounted his ordeal on how he was kicked and punched when trying to defend his friend Miahs Moloto.


During this time, Thabo was with his girlfriend, Bokang Phelane.

He had just collected clothes for a fashion photo shoot when six men approached Moloto.


“Out of nowhere six guys came out and grabbed him [Moloto] by his arms and started going through his pockets. I thought he was getting robbed and as I went to stop these guys, some tall guy comes and shows me a police badge – but they are all dressed in civilian clothes,” said Thabo.

“So I’m like ‘I don’t care what you guys are doing, you can’t hold and treat him like that because you haven’t explained anything to him’. As I do that he tells me that I’m disrespectful.

“Out of nowhere a bunch of people just grabbed my arms and they were wearing orange and blue uniform with the police emblem on them.

“This one tall guy smacked me across my face and a bunch of them just came and started beating me – I think it was more than 20 of them.

“This one guy asked for a whip. They gave it to him and he whipped me three times – one time across the face and the back. This one guy came and grabbed me by the balls.

“I heard from a friend and I’m not sure, but the only reason they stopped beating me was because someone mentioned that this guy is an actor.”

Thabo has since opened a case of assault at the Johannesburg Central police station.

Police spokesperson Colonel Lungelo Dlamini confirmed a case was opened against CPF members and has since been closed. However, he could not give the reason as to why it was closed.

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