DJ Black Coffee promotes local talent abroad

October 11, 2018 at 15:29
DJ Black Coffee promotes local talent abroad

DJ Black Coffee was recently on BBC radio where he shared five of his favorite songs at the moment. They included new songs from SA artists such as Lemon & Herb and Themba (Euphonik).

He went on promoting the songs saying just how SA music is spreading and influencing genres worldwide.


“It is that good. I have always felt that the music we have always been playing on our scene is amazing it is just that it did not have the ears. It didn’t have platforms. It didn’t have bigger clubs to support it. Now there are bigger platform and people are like ‘Wow. Where is this coming from?’ It has always been there.”

Black Coffee wants to introduce all local artists internationally.

“It is amazing to watch and my thought on it were always that it has to be bigger than me. I have to introduce everyone else so that it is not a Black Coffee thing. I love it when people say it is an African thing or it is a South African thing.”



  1. greatest of all times

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  3. Too amazing

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  5. Living legend

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