Danz kumapeesa Top 5 greatest hits (watch here)

October 12, 2017 at 09:43
Danz kumapeesa Top 5 greatest hits (watch here)

Danz Kumapeesa leaves his mark as one of the most talented producers we had in Uganda. His demise leaves a big gap in the music industry. Here are so me of his greatest works.

  1. Yo sweet by rem a Namakula

Amazing production skills and vocals team up to make the sweetest tune yet.



2. Magic by Winnie Nwagi

This song is a breath of fresh air to Ugandan Music we believe he pulled out all the stops on this one.

3. Musawo by Winnie Nwagi

This song has taken the country by storm. It has had the greatest airplay and massive requests on radio stations in Uganda.

The song brought singer winnie Nwagi to the lime light and with the magic hand of Danz, she has kept there.


4. Nakupenda by Fille

One of Fille’s most requested and played songs yet. Nakupenda is fresh and soothing to listen to. Pure Production expertise.



5. Nkubanja by Lydia Jazmine

New kid on the block made her mark with this newest hit also produced by Danz. It is mellow tune just here to impress.

Danz has surely gone too soon!

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Gone too soon RIP


Rest In Peace big boss


He was very talented, so sad

Tracy Akumu

My condolences to family and friends,rip


We loved u but God love u most..RIP brother

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