How To Know A “Musama”

December 07, 2017 at 11:17
How To Know A "Musama"

A lot of Ugandans have flown out and they usually come back during summer holidays, to visit their people. Some even come back home permanently. The “Musama” is the term given to our fellows who return during summer. Here are five ways you can tell someone is one, or has been abroad.

Shorts: It may seem that the white culture has really gotten into them. They usually like to move around in khaki or any other type of shorts, with easy slippers, and shades. They wear their shades even when the sun is not yet too strong, just to show the easy casual look.

Complaining:¬†Most Basama complain a lot about the situations in the country. In their complaints, they usually compare the situations and circumstances, with those they have seen and tasted in other areas. They go like, ” This restaurant is not organized. You know, i went to a restaurant one day in…….”


Splash money: They usually come back with a lot of money, because of difference in exchange rates. Most of the popular clubs are usually crowded with them. They buy a lot of booze, and fill up the table, house their friends the number they want, and show you they have the money.


Gadgets: The Musama always has a gadget that he bought from abroad, and keeps telling people how original it is. He will even tell you the year when he procured it, and compare it with the one you got from the country. They could also have bought shoes from their, shades, or any other items.

Fake Accents:In the worst case scenario, the Musama will forge an accent. They could have a British one, yet they have been in America. An Indian one, when they have been in Britain

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