Barber Scholarship Launched in Uganda

October 22, 2018 at 16:29
Barber Scholarship Launched in Uganda

It is high time Uganda started embracing some of the professions, that require skill and talent. In partnership with #timelessnpo Draw a Smile Uganda has launched a Barber Scholarship Program in our in the country, aimed at equipping young and talented people with a skill from which they can create a brand.

The program will identify barbers in the communities of the scholarship beneficiaries, and work with them to train the new entrants for a period of five days a week for two months. AN artist, Gnxpo posted the big new son his wall.

Gnxpo and Junior


“Here is the BIG NEWS!!! #timelessnpo just launched their BARBER SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM in Uganda?? I am standing here with Junior, our first student! Its such an honor to provide a young man with a skill that help save my life, and that he can use for a lifetime! We have partnered with two local barbers Papa & Ben in his neighborhood that will train him 5 days a week for the next two months! I wanna thank my partners @drawasmileug @pottouganda and @sosolya_undugu_dance_academy for helping to make this possible! To support future students we have Timeless Merch coming next week!!! #timelessnpo “We dont waste time we make it”

This is a creative and interesting initiative. We wish you luck all the way!


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