Joshua Cheptegei Embarrasses Uganda Police on Twitter by Disassociating Himself

April 16, 2018 at 04:08
Joshua Cheptegei Embarrasses Uganda Police on Twitter by Disassociating Himself

With the high unemployment level in the country, many youth find themselves joining the Police Force. Joshua Cheptegei was one of them. He however made his way through to suplort his dream. Over the weekend, the Ugandan golden boy embarrased the Uganda Police Force by disassociating himself.

There is a thing about Ugandans, where we like to associate ourselves with the best things. We wait for omeome’s victory, then own it for ourselves. Joshua Cheptegei had the whole country talking after he grabbed a second gold medal in the current CommomWealth games. The tweets that came cross were congratulatory messages.

The Uganda Police force also made one, indicating that Chep was one f them, to which he replied; am nolonger with the force. Read below


He is nolonger with the force


Years ago, Joshua was promoted from corporal to Assistant General of Police, by Kale Kaihura. This meant thay he skipped several ranks because of his xtraordinary performance. He is indeed exceptional, as we have seen during the races he crushed, beating a world record at the Common Wealth games by 4 seconds. He is however not the only athlete who has served his country in the police. Kiprotich and golden Stella Chesang have also. Thank you to them.

We are glad that Joshua has now identified his talent and it is doimg him great. Congratulatioms to you.


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