Did Spice Diana Get 32 points in S.6? See Her Results

February 13, 2018 at 10:06
Did Spice Diana Get 32 points in S.6? See Her Results

Spice Diana has broken the internet, and you know how Ugandans do not like to let this just pass. There is a video that circulated, of an interview she had with Faridah Nakazibwe, in which she by mistake mentioned that she got 32 points in S.6. This has made rounds, and many people have created jokes about it.However, we happen to see Spice Diana’s real results

“I was in one of the best performing schools in the country for A Level. I was a very bright student, and did HAL – History, Art and Luganda. I actually got… was it 32!” Our sources reported.Apparently, she went ahead to confirm that she was in second grade.

Apparently, Faridah went ahead to confirm whether she was serious about what she said; “Is this Senior 6 we are talking about?”

“Yes! Senior 6. Actually most people repeated the class but I passed.” The “Anti Kale singer confirmed”

However, now the singer said that those where results of her UCE, and those of her UACE sat in 2013 are different. Mistakes are common, and this could have been a real error like the Ugandan singer said. She posted her real results as shown below.


Spice Diana’s results posted on Social Media for her fans

The music queen has apologized to her fans, and confirmed that it was indeed a mistake.  She posted her real results on Social Media to confirm that she did not get 32 as suggested. She went to Kampala Citizen’s College and scored 14.

Don’t worry Spice we love your music and care about nothing else besides that! Congratulations upon passing your Senior Six girl!


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