General Salim Saleh rewards kadongo kamu singers with 100m. Doesn’t like the songs composed

January 11, 2018 at 10:20
General Salim Saleh rewards kadongo kamu singers with 100m. Doesn't like the songs composed

Few months back, Gen Salim Saleh, who is a senior presidential advisor on presidential matters, awarded musicians who participated in Operation Wealth Creation Kadongo Kamu competition with a prize of 100M.

Musicians including, Fred Sebatta, Mathias Walukaga, Sylvester Busulwa and others were appreciated for singing songs about wealth creation.
News coming in is that Saleh is apparently not happy with the songs he has listened to, so far.

According to sources, Saleh has ordered the artistes to re-do the songs or compose new songs. He feels the songs lack the message to encourage people to participate in Agriculture.



  1. Let them put in more work

  2. They should do something worth the money

  3. Hehehe they ate the money and forgot to put in the work

  4. Hope they will come up with something eventually

  5. This is a shame,they should compose something

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