The First Time I Saw Him. A Valentine Love Story

February 14, 2018 at 11:51
The First Time I Saw Him. A Valentine Love Story

Love has always been a confusing fact, especially for a girls who have just come out of a rough relationship. Nobody seems to understand the mysteries under which different people meet, become close to one another, and eventually get married. Here is a valentine love story, about the first time I saw Him.

Many people say that the person you meet in  club is never right for you. I beg to defer. Amidst the confusion of youths drinking their weaknesses away, large build men smoking from a shisha pot, and my brother’s friend’s screaming at the top of their voices, I noticed a young man. I am not so sure of what he looked like on that first night, because I can testify that the alcohol had closed down most of my senses.

He wore a checked shirt, a fact that he still denies every time I remind him.  “It could have been somebody else.” he usually says. He looked amazed by the height that a group of youngsters can reach, yet at the same time moved by the beats from the music. Close to him were two other friends, both bored by the night. It was 2:00am at that time, and the party had started to dry up. I too was tired of the twisting and turning, thus decided to take a short break.


I walked towards the three, and sat on a chair close by. Like a shy teen, I pulled out my phone and started to look through pictures and messages. It was at that time, when one of the boys walked towards me, and said hi. He took me to the group, and introduced me to the young man who till now, I completely adore. Happy Valentines Day to You all.

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