Is the cancer risk worth the pleasure of oral sex?

February 07, 2019 at 11:48
Is the cancer risk worth the pleasure of oral sex?

The freakiness of oral sex has become widespread that it’s now a go-to activity to make the sex even more enjoyable. Some have even used it as an escape from penetrative intercourse to avoid pregnancy.

“People think oral sex is safe. Throat cancer levels are high now and it’s partly because of oral sex,” said Dr. Vincent Karuhanga speaking to the media.

Contact of the mouth with genitalia causes throat, mouth and in extreme cases,  brain cancer since disease causing germs feed on moist body tissues.


A whooping 400,000 new cases have been reported originating from acts such as these.

If you have been turning to oral for insurance against pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases you might have to rethink your choices.

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