Jamaican Artist Kuzi Kz in Uganda Ahead of Reggae Fest

March 01, 2018 at 07:45
Jamaican Artist Kuzi Kz in Uganda Ahead of Reggae Fest

To all the Reggae fans, it is time to start buying out green, yellow and red outfits. Time to look for those ganja bandanas as we prepare for the Reggae Fest. Jamaican artist Kuzi Kz has already landed in.the country.


The event will happen on 24th March at Legends grounds, and a number of Ugandan artists inclusing Bebe Cool and Irene Ntale will perform. The event, ‘Reggae Fest jam’ will feature one of the Jamaican legends, Anthony B. Together with him, headlining the show, will be out very own Maddox Ssematimba. It was organised by starlight Entertainment.

Official poster for the Kampala Reggae Fest with Anthony B


Kuzi Kz is already here and these are signs that we are waiting for a huge turnover. He has done many songs such as, No Limit, Turn me On. The artist jetted into the airport, and informed all the reggae fans that he was ready to bring it down.

Kuxi kz and his people arrive into the country ahead of Kampala Reggae Fest

According to various sources, the Swedwn based dancehall star mentioned;

“The East African Reggae Fest is something Star Light just started up to bring back the roots of good reggae music and to embrace the roots of love and nature for a better generation of tomorrow

Its time to head back to our roots.


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