No Hoodies! Says President Museveni

June 12, 2018 at 16:40
No Hoodies! Says President Museveni

One of the things that has come as a shock to the country is the death of Arua Municipality Member of Parliament, Ibrahim Abiriga. He was shot next to his home, bu unknown gun men, who were apparently on a boda-boda. Abiriga’s bodyguard and brother, Saidi Kongo Bugawas also caught up in this incident, and lost his life. During the burial, in Lukudu Village, the president made known to the crowd that hoodies will be banned, since it is the major technique being used by assailants to commit crimes nowadays.

The president addressing mourners in Arua

“Those who killed Abiriga are using a simple technique of putting on a jacket with a hood…So we had a security meeting the other day, and I asked the security people; why do you allow these people to move with hoods?’ So we’re going to ban covering of your head when you’re driving…For the helmets, we’re going to require all of them to acquire new helmets with numbers at the back and those numbers must be shining at night. So no more hoods…” Museveni mentioned.

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The president also said that various laws will be made against people who make noise on radio and social media. I guess we have to throw away all our hooded sweaters.


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