Rema Namakula vows not to date a Musician Again

May 14, 2018 at 13:15
Rema Namakula vows not to date a Musician Again

She also revealed that the love spark between her and Kenzo was no more and vowed never to date any musician ever again, she will also not allow her daughter to get anywhere close to the music industry.

“I have no regrets working with Bebe Cool and up to now when we meet, I still say hello to him, it’s my Godmother, Halima Namakula that introduced me to him and after our Ceaze and Sekkle song, there was no looking back.”

Asked about her love life, Rema had this to say:


“I never knew I would date a musician, so I can’t really put it together and explain how we met, but one thing I am sure of is, I will never and ever date a musician again.”

Sponsored “Yes, I will never date a musician again. Kenzo was my last I will never do it again. I don’t even want my daughter to dream of joining this music industry.”

“l promise to do anything possible within my means to distance my daughter from this industry. In case she tries, I will just take her away. I don’t want her to even know the Music industry exists.”

We have reproted how Eddy Kenzo-Rema Namakula love spark was no more after Rema revealed that she did not care if her baby daddy was in any way involved with someone else. The Soraye’s constant trips for performances abroad does not make things any easier, he is always on the move.


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