Salvador blasts Ykee benda and Apass for mocking Fik Fameica’s concert flop

December 19, 2018 at 12:16
Salvador blasts Ykee benda and Apass for mocking Fik Fameica's concert flop

Monday was bloody scene on the twitter verse with Artistes and their fans giving each other blows in places that hurt the most.

APASS looking attractive

It all began when A Pass bragged about how he is too big for concerts and none of his can ever flop. This was a jab a Fik fameica’s poorly attended my journey concert on Friday 14th December that left him in tears.


When Ykee benda tried to defend Fik fameica,  the fans got involved and all went loose. Veteran comedian Salvador managed to shut down the whole mess by putting both of them in their place.

Ykee has the hits that make the ladies cry

My message to A Pass and Ykee Benda … until both of you do a major show… please give credit to Fameica for going all out. Right now he is the teacher … especially you my kid brother, A Pass. Do a show and let the masses judge,” he said in a tweet. 


  1. A pass is just a kid who’s confused in life

  2. Those a challanges in life FFamieka but never loose hope

  3. Fik kimugwana

  4. gwe talk well abt my fik

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