“I shall never sell my soul to the devil” Bobi Wine Responds to the Ban of His Concerts.

October 19, 2017 at 13:27
"I shall never sell my soul to the devil" Bobi Wine Responds to the Ban of His Concerts.

We all saw this coming, but not this soon. Member of Parliament, Hon, Robert Kyagulanyi, who is a proud opposition, and not shy to express his views, is being punished because of scratching the leopards back.

Him and the president have been having a letter writing competition, that received comments from Ugandans all over the country. The Musician is very determined to use music and arts to fight for the rights of his people. In addition to this, his concerts always draw crowds of Ugandans, large enough to fill two football stadiums.

One love Beach concert

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Recently, he held a concert at “One love Beach”, Busabala, and the police claim that he uttered “incitful language”. Word coming in is that Bobi Wine turned the Music show into a political rally. He was thus banned from performing at music concerts.

Bobi Wine banned from concerts

All this came right before the Singer/ MP went to his concert in Mukono. It was set for 21st October but stopped by the Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander,  Frank Mwesigwa. He was then asked to go to Kibuli Police to address the claims. Here are some of the answers Bobi Wine has.

Letter summoning Bobi WIne

“Returning to the illegal and unconstitutional ban of my music concerts, this too is a sign of a regime on its knees. Throughout history, when dictatorships realize that the people have resoundingly rejected them, they resort to all forms of unreasonable and autocratic laws to silence dissent. So far they have cancelled three of my shows one in Kasese, another in Kamuli and now in Mukono. For the past two shows we had obtained all the clearances, only to be told on last minute that I would not be allowed to perform in the fear that I would utter some ‘political statements’! “

Some of the crowds Bobi Wine draws

“I have said this to them in private and I repeat it in public- I Kyagulanyi Ssentamu – Bobi Wine, shall never sell my soul to the devil. I shall never use my voice to sing for a dictatorship that is running our country to hell. I shall never sing to console the enemies of the people. I shall never use my voice to betray my country. And yes, I shall always sing about the plight of our people. Their voice shall be my voice. I shall always sing for a better Uganda, because friends, this is the only home we have- whatever is still left of it, we are Ugandans”

Guess we will just have to wait to watch him perform live again.





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