WARNING!-Kidnappers on the loose

September 22, 2017 at 18:02
WARNING!-Kidnappers on the loose


This is to all of us who love to walk alone, to hang out, or visit isolated places without company. The party must be stopped now, and immediately, or we need to tread more carefully especially if we are based around Entebbe road. Following the murder of 23 women in the past two months, and failure to get the people performing the evil deed, the police is on a manhunt for Kidnappers.

The police are still trying to figure out whether the murder of the 23 women near the capital center is linked to ritual sacrifices, or connected to another independent reason. Everybody is still buffled by the mystery, and at this pace, we are not so confident that it will be resolved anytime soon. Suspects have been arrested and let us pray we find the real people behind these atrocities.

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The Uganda Police has already released an official statement on the matter

The police statement


Before we can recover from this loss, yet another mystery has been uncovered. There are kidnappers on the lose and we all need to be very careful.  The Uganda Media Center indicated on twitter that the police is looking for two men in a numberless and tinted glass Ipsum, who they believe to be kidnappers.

Please dear public, let us be careful, and protect the people we love. Pass this message till every national gets it.


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