Who Wore It Better? Latifah Dangote vs North West

March 13, 2018 at 13:59
Who Wore It Better? Latifah Dangote vs North West

In this episode of who wore it better, we bring you two celebrity babies. Latifah Dangote and North West. Lets see who did the Ballerina tutu dress blessed.

North West

North West rocking it

Daughter to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North West already has her fashion game up her sleeve. We have never missed out of any of the photos of her rocking the hottest outfits. With a dad like Kanye, her shoe game is always on point.

We love the shoes. Snow white and perfectly fittings. They are also light for a baby’s feet. Her Jacket was on point. The small golden buttons do some justice to the white. It looks like a little stylish princess.

We do not like the look on your face though. A beautiful baby has got to wear a beautiful smile.

Latiffah Dangote

Latifah the queen

When your mother is the most known socialite in a country, then you are bound to be famous too. Latifah is a daughter to Zari Hassan and Diamond Platinumz. She already has the beauty of her mother, and the swag of her father. The little princess started with fashion at a young age, when she had photo shoots for baby clothes.

We love the pretty little shoes for a pretty little baby. We adore the feeding bottle swag. It says am a baby who is on point. The little jacket however has too much pattern that clashes with the one on the dress.

These two babies have a tie. They both wore it best.


  1. Cute

  2. North wore it better

  3. They are both adorable

  4. She looks like Zari

  5. North west coat

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