Winnie Nwagi public Rant about baby daddy

December 07, 2017 at 08:08
Winnie Nwagi public Rant about baby daddy

Winnie Nwagi let loose on snapchat about her daughter’s father and former lover only identified as Josh.

If you have not reached Snapchat levels, here are the exclusives. The man whom she prefers to call detergent is an irresponsible father and who she claims has never paid any bills concerning their daughter.

it all was brought o light in the event of her daughter graduating form Nursery school and the baby daddy brought cake.


In her Own words

“He is well paid, but very selfish of his own blood, can’t even pay school fees or any bills as far as she is concerned, how mean and then you come up with just a cake, I can buy my daughter a cake too!!”

“So after my daughter’s graduation, guess what I found home, a cake from who? Happy Graduation day Destiny…from Dad.” I’m like!! ooh what a fool..! Is that all you can provide for your daughter, a cake, Winnie went on to rant.

“Just stay away with your fake love….we don’t need his love here, we are not used to it and it’s very okay.” More of the rant here;

She, then, put this post; “My daughter is my everything, Her father was the mistake.”

Other Artistes including Bruno k and Sheeba Karungi supported her.


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