Wizkid rejects Navio Collabo again

December 13, 2017 at 11:00
Wizkid rejects Navio Collabo again

Navio must be consulting his ancestors at the moment because he was rejected yet again by Nigerian star wizkid for a collabo.

while wizkid was in the country for his show on Thursday some Ugandan musicians were plotting to make music with him so as to get famous too.



Navio is one such musician and took it even a step furtherer to storm his hotel room with 10000 dollars .

It is said that this is not the first time navio is begging for a collabo fro wizkid. Aparrently,he once caught up with him in Tanzania and in Rwanda as well.c

as they say, the rich also cry but we do hope Navio gets his collabo soon.o


  1. This is now too much,he seems so desperate,collaborate with Jose Chameleon first

  2. This is too much,Wizkid don’t do a brother like that

  3. Let him use that money for something else,Dady O is not interested

  4. So heartbreaking and painful

  5. Man stop the begging now

  6. Navio isnt a musician.Thats what the wiz sees.let him try gaying

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