Ykee Benda is officially single again.

January 11, 2018 at 09:42
Ykee Benda is officially single again.

This sad news for Ykee Benda but for girls in Kampala, the sun has risen.

The singer confirmed on facebook that he  and longtime girlfriend Julie batenda are officially over.


“These are going to be some dark days maybe months I don’t know…for both of us. But I Know there will be light at some point. I will forever celebrate you and wish you nothing but bliss and happiness. I can barely write another statement, my heart is pumping too fast. Goodbye and God bless you Julie Batenga,”

Julie also went ahead to delete all photos of them together from her account. This maybe the last straw.

Last year, Julie introduced Ykee Benda to her family in Mukono at a “Kukyala”, a traditional pre-marital ceremony.
When Ykee was asked  whether the decision for the break up was mutual – and he said, “Julie wanted to leave, I wanted her. And we both failed to have a common ground.”

Meanwhile, insiders say Julie is pregnant with Ykee’s baby.

we will keep you posted.


  1. Single again?

  2. Why are relationships ending very fast

  3. This is now very normal to they guy

  4. Maybe he needs to think things through

  5. This man is like that

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