5 things that will happen to Michelle Yola now that she dumped Prezzo

Prezzo has dated and dumped several women; Huddah Monroe, Sheila Mwanyigah, Daisy Kiplagat, Joy Wanjohi, Tanzanian socialite Chaga, Naz Nassir, Goldie etc.
Infidelity on the part of Prezzo is the main reason why most women left him. Tanzanian socialite he dated, Chaga, accused him of infecting her with a ‘stubborn’ STI.
Prezzo’s loose zip is also the reason why Michelle Yola decided to ditch him; she has exposed his private conversations with other women.
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But even as Yola dumps Prezzo, she stands to lose more.  At least 5 things will/shall happen to her now that she is no longer dating the rapper.
Everybody got to know who Michelle Yola was simply because Prezzo picked her from a dark hole somewhere and made her famous.
All the girls Prezzo dated became a subject of interest to the media when they were dating the rapper. The spotlight gradually grew faint on them the moment their relationship with Prezzo hit rock bottom.
No one gives a damn about them anymore because there is nothing interesting about their lifestyle anymore.
The reason why Yola even got a role on Nairobi Diaries was because she was dating Prezzo. With Prezzo out of the picture, Yola will definitely lose traction.
The reason why Nairobi Dairies is still on TV is because of the good ratings thanks to the popularity of the cast.
Yola was only popping because she was dating Prezzo, but without the rapper in the picture, no one would have hired her especially in showbiz where one’s popularity is yardstick to measure their value proposition.
The emotional pain Michelle Yola will suffer will be as a result of her nauseating naivety; she was too quick to invest in her relationship without taking time to assess the risks. She quickly got engaged to the rapper thinking her relationship would be a bed of roses to the end.
Prezzo is and has always been a playboy, ‘zero-grazing’ has NEVER worked for him. Michelle Yola thought she had a strawberry-flavored punani that would make Prezzo to be monogamous, but see what has happened!
The physical pain that Yola will undergo is removing her tattoo; she got a tattoo of Prezzo’s name ‘Ngechu’ on her hand.
From her several posts on social media, Michelle Yola obviously needs a shoulder to cry on which in most cases turn out to be a d**ck to ride.
And Yola isn’t looking for a broke ‘Johnny’, she has implored potential sponsors to slide in her DM and fly her to exotic destinations across the world.
Michelle Yola posted on Instagram.
‘Prezzo curse’ is a fate that befell most of the chicks he dated; most of them end not getting married at all e.g Huddah Monroe, Chaga etc

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